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Hello, to all readers and my fellow writers on medium. Frankly speaking, I was a complete newbie on Medium and in the writing world. I just followed my curiosity that was certainly pulling me at the edge of the world of writers, and staggeringly I also grabbed it.

Whether it was my curiosity or it’s my foolishness that was pulling me I was not certain. But I certainly knew that the world of writers was filled with lots of imagination and adventures.

Writing something that was completely new and completely unknown to this world was nothing more than magic. A magic that was created by a creative person, the rhythm and artistic way of a writer that could never be able to copied by another person.

Well, that’s also the reason I choose to follow my heart and broadened my vision. Trying something new was also a challenge and pursuing it was even harder, but I have made up my mind and I will pursue it to the end. But there are also some setbacks that get in your way and I also met that hurdle at the end, and I need your urgent help so I can win against this hurdle that was stopping my way.

Thank you for reading and hope you follow me and don’t forget to give me a comment below and I will surely follow you 100%.

So don’t become very clingy. And also follow me for my upcoming new and interesting stories.

Thank You, and Happy New Year to you and your family. Be happy and stay happy everyone.

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